Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 2 Dr. Oz 3 day Detox...hum

That's really all I can think to say.
I made it through yesterday without a hitch.
But, this little smoothie right here is a nightmare.
Now.  I am a lover of all things green.  But something about this one just makes my stomach turn.
I'm already dreading it tomorrow.
How do I feel?
Well, I'm really, really tired.  Very thirsty (I have had tons of water) and craving something solid real bad.  What's funny is I love all of these ingredients, I just don't love them all mixed together.
Wonder if it would do the same if I just ate them seperately?
oh well. 
I have realized this!
I really, really love crunchy almond butter.
I will definitely keep eating that!

Wish me luck y'all!!!

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