Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Right now, W and I are at the most beautiful place on earth in my opinion.
We are at the Sturdivant's farm in the Delta
"The Countess Place"
Cindy and I went to see her sunflower patch yesterday (and pick some for the other 3 couples that are here to stay)
...but the sunflowers have gone to seed, so we only got a few
this is what it looks like when they go to seed, but it makes for a great feast for the wildlife.........and for the hunters out there...well let's just say, it makes for great sporting events.
I'm having so much fun!!!
did you know that rice grows on a stalk?  me neither! (it'll be ready in a couple of months)
and here's a cotton boll
before it turns into a boll it goes through two stages of flowers!
a white bloom for one day
and a pink bloom for 3 days!
then they have soybeans
and corn
and the scenery that I woke up to this morning
The boys are playing in a member guest today and tomorrow.  And the girls get to have our own play day at the Greenwood Country Club.  FUN!  These are some FUN girls!!!
Starting with this one! (again Batman the smilin horse and Cindoo)
thank you sweet Cindy and Sykes for treating us to a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow?  we are headed to the mart in Atlanta!!!

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  1. You are just ALL over!! I can't believe you got that picture of the horse. That is the best pictuer ever and so hilarious!!! What are you planning to buy in Atlanta??