Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When everyone pitches in.....

Can I just tell you how proud I am of my sister????
She just purchased a house in Vestavia all on her own.  
She is one of the hardest working people I know.
It needed some pretty major renovation, so she, her kids, a few relatives and friends all pitched in to help
this is a cancer doctor, turned painter (she's really cute but you can't tell it by this photo!)
Ally and Claire (my two nieces)
Tyler paintin (idn't he good lookin?)....and single by the way
takin a break with my dad.....and Auburn fanatic

anyway,,,,,here's some before and afters
Kitchen before
Kitchen after
Tyler (her son) laid the kitchen floor (before)
My brother Clay and fam came to lend a hand
Master bath before
and after
they did a little work on the staircase (it was green)
now it looks like this!
and the dining room was this
and now it's this
the study was this

and now it's this!

and finally the finished living room
I'm so proud of her I can't stand it!!!  I mean let me tell you what a mess this house was
ewe.......and she transformed it into a beauty!!!!
Great job sista

....okay, wait! I'm not done!
I had painted a couple of paintings that really strayed away from my style.  I loved them, but really no one else was that crazy about them.  I had a mission in mind.  They went into Callen's new house!!!
 Here they are....
and the other....
Now everyone's crazy about them!
Mission accomplished!


  1. I wanted you to know that I made your best ever potato salad for the family on 4th of July and for a luncheon at work and it was RAVED over!!
    Everyone wanted to know where I found the recipe and I claimed my new found friend (stranger) Kendall Boggs- I'm such a blog-aholic ...

    on a side note- I know every mother claims there is no favortism in their children but I dont know- I am a middle child who got limited attention- and I have an only child who gets all mine but I would claim your fav to be .... callen ?!? (she is your twin!!)i know i know there are no favorites..AND oh how I wish I had one of those paintings in my house. dare to dream. dare to dream...

  2. Aunt Kim-Your house looks beautiful! Kendall-Thanks for posting!

  3. It looks great... and WAR EAGLE to your dad and your niece in the AU shirt!!!!!