Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Still no bebe.....and I've realized that I'm turning into a blog-a-holic.  For those of you who read my blog, a BIG THANK YOU!!!  I'm up to about 100 hits a day and I just love each and every one of you.  Still, I'm turning into a blog-a-holic....One who I'm sure she is stopping up the blog world by blogging every day, talking about every move I make.  hey, I get up REALLY early and don't have anything else to do!!!  One thing....please comment!  good or bad, I wanna hear from you!
Yesterday, we had some really, really fun friends over for a fun day on the lake.
Jack and his daughter Grace and friend Violet..(couldn't help it, I had to, I just had to say "Violet, you're Violet!) luckily that sweet lil thing laughed
this is Jack
and this is Grace and Violet
they had so much fun tubing!
then here's Jack and Candy
and with them was Candy's twin girls Nicole and Natalie and son Johnathon.  What GREAT kids all of them are!  
and they all had fun jet skiing!
especially John
idn't he a doll????
There is also this BIG rock here on Lake Oconee that you can jump off of over here on the lake.  Now....I am almost 51 and have never jumped off a rock into a lake.  I'm pretty brave, just don't know why I've never done it!  I'm more scared of you seeing me in a swimsuit....soon to be blog???? Kendall Boggs 20 lb. weight loss program. I'm serious sista. That's me hiding
and before the weight loss program begins...OMG
ewwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!  I can't believe I posted that pick!!!!!! yuck!
but this 50 yr old jumped!!!  and, although ALOT of water went up my nose, it was FUN (I did it twice)!
and then Candy and I enjoyed a little celebratory drink
thank you Jack and Candy (and kids for spending the day with us)
and......for the wonderful bottles of Far Niente (be still my heart) and Silver Oak!  WOW what a gift.
oh, and I just LOVE my candelabra. What a great idea/gift!


  1. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun yesterday! And you look great jumping off that rock....way better than I would look...ha! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. You look great-- alot better than this 3 mos post baby body I'm rocking---email me, I want to send you an invite to my blog--- can't wait to meet you when J has LBE----

  3. I love it that your a blogaholic gives me something to read when I wake up way to early or am up way to late unable to sleep. I am a friend of Jordans and have followed your blog via Darby before I had met Jordan...small world! Evey and my little girl are the same age and I am 5 weeks behind Jordan this pregnany so I can't wait for that sweet baby to make his/her arrival and to get the scoop on how life is with 2 babies under 2! :)