Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up and At em

Well, I'm up again early (as usual).  With nothing to do, cause I'm still in Bham.  Too early to leave to go to Mississippi....Facebook has nothing interesting, and no one is up early enough to play words with friends with me...and, I can't figure out how to download a book on my IPad! What to do, what to do...  I guess I'll bore you with more pics.  Someone asked who my favorite child is.  Well, I really don't (I'm serious) have a favorite.  Although some are favorites at different times.  It all depends on how nice they are to me! (just kiddin)
anyway, here ya go
(this is Evey and ME dressed up as a clown for Halloween...I really didn't need a costume though!)
I have to say that this little sweetie pie tugs at my heartstrings.
I'm just gonna post a bunch of pics of Evey Loo hoo, who's about to be two.
Her real name is Evelyn Grace
(hunting Easter eggs)
modeling her swim suit....
sportin some piggies
playing with Geggy
Evers and Gammy (one of my favorite pics)
she pours such joy into my life
I wish I had had grandchildren first! Not that my own children weren't fun, but there's just nothin like grandchildren!!!
you get to dress em up
and take pictures of them!
and buy them fun stuff...yes, her first Tory Burch (she was SO proud!)
and take them fishing!
oh the joy of having a g-baby....and in about two weeks I'm about to get another!!!!!
Have a fabulous day ya'll


  1. She is too precious for words! Love her adorable outfits. My parents would probably add that another great thing about being a grandparent is at the end of the day, you get to hand them back to their parents. ;)

  2. I am always up early AND am in BHAM too!! I will play words with friends with you any day! :) erincratliff- look me up!! Also, I LOVE your pictures. Can't wait to see new pics of your new grandbaby!!