Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A blog about well, just about......

Another prayer request! ME.  I had a major day yesterday and it looks like today is starting out about the same.  I'm here in Birmingham keeping my sister's kids and taking care of my mom (who is doing amazing by the way)  thank you to all you prayer warriors out there.  Anyway, mom's doing great but Kim's dog isn't.  Her 80 lb. golden retriever is very, very sick.  I can't tell you what I woke up to THIS morning after cleaning up upchuck all day yesterday.  And my poor mom, I was trying to give her the attention she needed (she got sick too) and take care of this extremely sick dog.  Today? I'm off to the vet very early to check her in. Please say a prayer for this poor sweet dog.
Kim and I just commented over the phone that Libby (the dog) and my mom are just alike.  They never complain.  But me?  let's just say I've had to implement major mind over matter.
In the sister's kids are so unbelievable and I love them like they are my own.
A pic of two of em.
and the all of em together!

Have a happy day ya'll! and wish me luck on mine!


  1. So sorry to hear what you're dealing with! Glad to hear your mom is improving (having been dealing with a sick mother this summer, I know how stressful this can be). Poor puppy - I can related to that as well. Here's hoping you have a better day!

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  3. A quote from "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse":
    Today was a difficult day, tomorrow will be better.....

    Let's hope your tomorrow comes today....also Evers would LOVE that book, so sassy and adorable, just like her

  4. Thank you so much guys! My sister's dog is in surgery as we speak. Just keeping my fingers crossed for good results.