Thursday, July 22, 2010

Almost 29 years!

This Sunday Mr. W and I will have been married 29 years.  I'm writing this early (to remind him) and cause I just have this sneaky suspicion that we are gonna have a new g-baby VERY soon. And that'll trump any blog.
Oh I just can't tell you how excited I am about my new g-baby!  We don't know what it is but it will be either a girl or a boy,,,,I'm sure.
First someone asked why I call "Lynn" Mr. W!
It's from a previous blog and I nicknamed him Mr. Wonderful, and now it's stuck with all my friends.  They just call him "W".
Here he is....
idn't he cute?
He has been the most "W" hubby any girl could ask for.
He does sweet things for me.  Like always goes to the grocery, and takes me to dinner whenever I want to go out. And even cooks for me sometimes when I don't feel like it!
He never, I mean never tells me when I make a bad meal, and doesn't complain when the wash isn't done or the house is a mess.....and gives me a maid. me wonderful constructive criticsm on my art, which I {can't believe} I can take! (now that's somethin)....with...that said,,,in my defense, I do contribute by selling my art. Which supliments some of my shopping obsessions (like red soled shoes?)
 He's far from perfect.  Sometimes he can be a when he get's my American Express bill...ut oh...
I want this for our anniversary (hint, hint) He doesn't read my blog, so Jordan, will you tell him?
(it's from Restoration Hardware)
isn't that spicy?  It will complete my room.
I also wouldn't mind having this!
I found this at the Mart this week and I HAVE to have it...I mean I just HAVE to have it.  I have a large clock that I'm gonna sell give to one of my kids once I get this.  I'll let them fight over it. This was the best thing I saw and I am LUSTIN over it!!!
okay....back to W
He provided me with three of the greatest kids anyone could ask for!....and I give him all the credit for making them wonderful..He is a fabulous father that would do anything for his kids.
my only contribution, is making them a little silly
we have a blast together
and W loves to ride the jet ski with Evers (really slow so Gigi doesn't get too scared) actually, they were docked and didn't go anywhere,,,,but she'll learn to ski early if I have anything to do with it!!!
he also wins awards from time to time
like winning the SOCON award for Samford University (an extremely proud moment for the both of us!)
what a great husband, father, and grandfather....and just person in general
I feel like the luckiest woman on earth!

Now,,,,on to somethin else!
You do know I do commissioned art?....It's hard.  Cause what you're thinking and what they're thinking can be two different things.  Can be tricky.
But.....with a little tweeking,,,,I think I nailed it!
Cissy, thank you for showing your emotion when you saw the was a joy and a feeling I can't explain!
Here's the commissioned peice!
Have a great day ya'll!
hopefully my next blog will be about a new g-baby!


  1. Happy Anniversary coming up:) Bill and I would have just celebrated our 29th in June and Becky and Ken would BE celebrating their 29th in August:) Instead, you and Lynn have your 29th year and me and Ken have our 4th month!!hehehe I have been going through rehearsal dinner pics of my kids and found so many of us with our little ones. Justin and Jordan and Gregory and Jessica were just too too precious together! AND Ken and I both think that you and Lynn have not changed AT ALL!!! You still look as young as you did in the 80's!!!! Congratulations again...!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on 29 years! That's so great and what a sweet tribute to your hubby! Love the painting - just gorgeous!

  3. We have the same anniversary!!!!!!! Holy cow, how fun!!! We'll be married 1 year on Sunday, too. I'm also bringing The Help to read for my trip this next week!! I've had it for forever but needed that little extra push to start it. Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that a new g-baby will be your anniversary gift!!! :)