Monday, July 26, 2010

Queen for a Day!

Yesterday was the "Big 29"! (anniversary that is).  I felt like this!
I woke up to a menagerie of cards that W had strategically placed all over the house with different clues to what we'd be doing!
The first card showed this
I was a little confused because first of all....that's not me...and 2nd it was at the St. Regis in Atlanta! had 1:30 written on appointments for half the day!
then I opened another card that was stuffed into my laptop and it showed this...
oh my.......with the reservations for a "spend the night" party.
when I got there, my room looked like this....
and it overlooked this....
and the bathroom looked like this...(the tub was so big I thought I'd drowned and gone to heaven)
then we went here for dinner!
now.......let me just tell you how much I love this restaurant

I had escargot, a yummy salad, lobster, shrimp and scallop scampi and brussels sprouts sauteed with mushrooms.  I'm still dreaming of them (actually I am still tasting the garlic
AND,,,,,,,why does my head hurt this morning?  Bottle of champaigne and red
OH!  and.....dah, dah, dah, dah!!!
I got the table! yippeee!

I'm leaving in a few to head to Bham to help take care of mom and await the birth of little Bennett Callaway or Catherine Harper.  Oh, also, please lift a very good friend of mine up in prayer.  Susie is having surgery today to remove a malignant melenoma off of a lymphe node. And, Suz, if you're reading this, I love you and care so much for you and wish you the best.  Thanks ya'll!  have a great day!

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