Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Bored......and a little photo album....

Well, I went home on Sunday, slept for 4 1/2 hours until W woke me up and said "if you sleep any longer, you won't go to bed tonight (this was at 6)."  So, I woke up and ended up going back to sleep at 10 and slept all night.  A record for me, but that's just how exhausted I was. THEN........I got a call on Monday saying they were releasing mom to go home.  No rehab, no nothin.......okay, what to do.  My sister is renovating her home for my mom to live there and it isn't quite ready, so we made the executive decision that mom was going to go stay at Callens.  So.....back in the car, back to Bham to take care of mom.  I got all the way here and what cha know?????? they've approved her for a swing bed rehab.  yeahhhhhhh!  but now I'm here in Bham with little to do, cause I ain't goin back home.  I wish this one......
would go ahead and give me a g-baby while I'm here.
Anyway, thought I'd just show you some pics since I really don't have anything more interesting to tell you!
W and I are going to Mississippi this weekend to do this!
and eat some of this....remember Dorothy's cooking?
oh yummy, here's sweet Dorothy
Mr. W is playing in a member guest with non other than.....

and I get to play golf with Cindy and friends!
(glad her butts not too big!) I guess she'd be furious at me!!!!

anyway, we are SO looking forward to a fun trip to the Delta!
now for some random pics (cause I'm bored!)
myself, my dad and my sister
Callen and Andy

my beautiful niece and Godchild Claire

Equally beautiful niece and Godchild Ally and Callen

my sister and her gorgeous fam
W and me!
okay, I'll admit, this was 15 years ago.  It's still one of my faves.
Gregory and adorable Amy! kiss cam!

and finally......
my favorite pic of Evers

have a wonderful Tuesday ya'll!


  1. What a beautiful family! Have fun on your golf outing!

  2. thank you so much!!! Looking forward to a much needed vaca with fun friends!