Saturday, July 31, 2010

Art of Oconee - my giveaway!

Wait!  I just realized with this title you might think I'm giving away a painting!  oops, sorry if I mislead.  I DID though give one away last night at a little wine and cheese event we had at the gallery.  
THIS is the painting I gave away!
we had a wonderful cozy (albeit a little hot) event last night from 5 -7 at the gallery.  Thank you to our supporters out there and congratulations to the winner!
Thank you Cathy and Gail for submitting an amazing article to the newspaper (and pointing out my inexhaustible energy level) haha (it's the truth!)
here's a few candid shots from our wonderful evening
first!!!  the food.  It' always so wonderful!
now some random pics!
the "kissable" Bobby C
The sweet and wonderful Mike Johnson (and talented wood turner)

the incredibly talented Ellen Crowe in front of Gail Vail's paintings
Cathy, Sherry, and Mike the bartender!
David Siefert's amazing work
the talented Tracy Hayden talking with some guests
(that's Cathy and Shannon's lovely work in the background)
there's Mike again!!!!

some of our guests!
and more (just want to see if you see yourself!)
and a few more!
Sherry and a darling admirer of Sherry's amazing work!
Cathy, Chris, Shannon and Ellen in the corner!
the backside.....of me! watching as they draw the name!  we had about 100 names in the pot!

and the winner was!

What a wonderful night and what a wonderful, talented group of artist that I am associated with!
Thank you guys!


  1. Great pics of the evening..thanks, Kendall. And doubly thanks for donating the painting. I'm sure our winner will be happy with it for many years!!
    You were the STAR of the event!

  2. Wonderful post, Kendall. Thanks for donating the painting. Our winner IS a lucky woman!