Friday, July 23, 2010

Washington (Georgia) and my love for curb markets!

I HAD to get my head outta the art room yesterday.....time to "STEP AWAY FROM THE PAINT BRUSH Lady"
SO....I had heard about Washington, Georgia and the over 100 antibellum homes that live in this beautiful, quaint little town.  Well, I know most of you don't know me from Adam, but I LOVE antibellum homes.  Must be from my love of the movie "Gone With the Wind"....oh be still my "I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies" heart. I could watch that movie over and over.  I love Scarlett and can so relate to her when she tore those velvet drapes down and made a dress outta them. (um....I've been known to tear a set a sheets off the bed and make an outfit...yep!) In my next life, I'm gonna be Scarlett.  Anyway, (dang, I'm ADD) I decided to take a trip to Washington.  Now... it is said that General Sherman flew right through Washington on his quest to burn up Atlanta.  He would've gotten a holt of some good old homes if he had stayed here a while.  Whew....and I have some pics for you....if you love old homes like me!
Here we go....wish I could name them for you but driving, watching a map, and taking pics was just about all I could handle.  I would encourage anyone to visit this beautiful litle treasure!
first....I had to cross a spooky little railroad track
then I just HAD to take a pic of this! Even though "I" do need some DOO GRO, I thought it was funny! Cause my hair "don't" grow.
This is a Methodist Church there
and now the homes!
this was my favorite....

check out the little wishing well to the right...wish they'd cut down that tree so I could get a better pic!

I just loved this little Victorian style

under renovation but still beautiful!  I think it will be my fav when the renovation is complete
from old homes to old cars.  thought this was kewl.
Now that I've shown you my trip yesterday, I'll finish you up with one of my other favorie things to do,,,that I did....Go to curb markets!!! Down here in Greensboro, we have one of my favorite curb markets.  Do you know what a curb market is???? It's where you buy veges off the curb.  VERY Southern dahlin
I thought these were some of the prettiest eggplants I've seen

and if you like watermelons
oh yummers
they also have a fun selection of unusal products
like the BEST EVER Amish butter
oh yummers again.  I love veggies more than life itself.  Not really sure what "mutsu" is though
and not really sure what this is.  I guess just some cute signs!
these look really, really hot...sorta like the temp yesterday which reached 102...
well, that was my day!
Still waitin on a baby!
later ya'll


  1. The houses and Methodist church look a lot like Lafayette, Al---and I'm with you on the GWTW--- I think I just quoted Prissy last week myself!
    We're waiting to hear about LBE, too!!

  2. Hey Kendall, that methodist church looks just like one in Greenwood, Ms..Love the pictures..