Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Doozy!

Since this has been SUCH a DOOZY of a week.....I decided to show you what a REAL doozy is!
The Doozy Strap giving away 20.00 and 5 FREE DOOZYs Friday on Facebook!!!  Contest begins at 10:00
so go to and
What is it you ask??? It's something my son has invested in and is selling like wildfire!!!!
It's a "koozy" with a neck strap for hands free liquid enjoyment!
You can do many things with "The Doozy Strap"
play golf!
and go tubing....although I wouldn't recommend it
you can grill out!
and go boating
and catch a big fish with "The Doozy Strap"
even little kids like "The Doozy Strap" for their sippy cups (and they come in lots of colors!)
Dogs and their goofy owners  LOVE "The Doozy Strap"
and Mooseheads really love "The Doozy Strap"
 Grandpas love "The Doozy Strap" (especially pink ones!)
and REALLY old people!
you can even catch cute girls wearin "The Doozy Strap"!
and celebrities as well!
I think everyone needs a "Doozy Strap"
check it out on Facebook!
now....doggie update.
Libby had surgery today and got through it fine. But it was really, really serious surgery.  She is basically holding her own.  Please keep the prayers coming.
Thank you ya'll!


  1. Hilarious!! And you just never know...look at how well the "Snuggie" has done :) I need a Jordan update...I have been thinking of her!

  2. That is so funny! Love the photoshop, especially on The Big Lebowski. My son, the sippycup kid, would love one!