Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

I love this holiday!  it's one of my favs. MY opinion, you should always be at the lake.  Some memories from yesterday!
First.  the sunrise this mornin
I made sure the flags were out on the back of the house
we did some tubing (except for moi), who thinks she's 20 and dove into the tube ultimately hyperextending my back and now I can't even walk.....icing as we speak
and some kissin! (Gregory and Amy)
they played in the pool and drank some of Callen's famous mojitos!
here's Jack who won't go anywhere without Gregory (even in the water)
and the adorable Aiden and Jenna Ann
the cute and ever so wonderful Andy
and equally cute and wonderful Matt Mitchell (sporting the new "doozey" around his neck)
it holds your beer water so that you can do other things!
we had a blast and I will leave you with the worst picture I have ever taken! yikes!!!

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