Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just some stuff!

I'm up and at it again early! (It's 4 a.m) I promise I would sleep later if I could,,,but then when would I blog right????
Another little prayer request? I got to B'ham yesterday about 8:30 a.m. (yes, I left REALLY early) to take mom to the doctor. (sorry this pic is so blurry, I stole it off FB)!
  WELLLLLLL, she has a hematoma where her incision is. It's really pretty gross looking so we had it checked out.  SO, this morning we have to be at the hospital at 6 to have that thang re-opened and cleaned out.  Sorry if you're having breakfast and this is making you queasy.  I know if I was this one.....
you know, preggers and all, it would.  um,,,,it's TIME for that bebe to get here! (notice the clock in the background?) umhum.
on another note....MY MOM IS A SUPER HERO.
I'm serious folks!  That thing on her leg is as big as a small football and still NO complaining!
While I'm doin a little photo shoot, I thought I'd show you a few other fun things!
like Evers in her new apron
she is so proud of this little apron (thank you Cindoo)....it came from the Viking store!
and the nursery for the new bebe!
We chose grey for the wall color, since we don't know what it is, and if it's a boy we will accent with RED! and baby pink if it's a girl.  Either way, I think it will look SOOOOOO cute when we're done!
Eric's mom made the drapes.  What a talented lady!  If it's a boy, I'm going to paint a Pinocchio painting on that blank wall, and if it's a girl, I'll probably paint a pink angel paintin.  Oh, and we are going to change the bow on the bassinet to grey silk.
These are the antique prints I found from Scott Antiques 
and the bassinet I made Evers when she was born (needs a good pressin)
the swingy, dingy, spiffy, recliner was a gift push present from Gigi....just couldn't resist...J wanted it SO bad! (and obviously Evers did too)
and lastly,,,,I'll humor you with a shot taken oh probably 20 years ago? Maybe 25.
I just found it on my mom's facebook.  I just wish my body still looked like this....Could do without the glasses and the hair though! (that's me on the right) and ya know? I thought I was fat back then!
Have a wonderful day ya'll and please keep mom in your prayers.


  1. Praying for your mom today, Mrs. Boggs! And praying that the baby will comes SOON! Hope to see you while you're here :) Love!!

  2. Certainly thinking of your cute mom...

    And WOW that nursery is stunning! I LOVE the gray and white. So precious and elegant. I might be coping some day!

    (Is that your daughter who is pregnant? She looks identical to my friend Carolyn who is also due VERY soon! They could be prego twins! It's not my friend, Carol, is it? :)

  3. i know all will go well with your mother! i love the photo at the end...you and aunt kim are sooooo tan! also, love the pic of jordan. she wont send me any! thanks for doing it!

  4. Glad your mom is better...Hope Jordan has that baby SOON!! Poor thing looks like she is about to pop....Those are some Groovy white glasses, you and Kim are sportin'...Were they buy "one get one free'???