Monday, July 12, 2010

This was going to be a blog about Carrie Underwood's wedding but...

The best laid plans.......

Remember my blog about going home? and my mom?
well sweet Callen
went and picked Mom up last Wed.  My mom was going to stay with her at Callen's house until my sister's house was ready for her to move in to.  Well, as it turns out, my mom

 missed a step and fell.  My little 120 lb daughter physically scooped my mom up like a baby and sat her in a chair.  off to the ER.  As it turns out what a blessing in disguise.  Although nothing was broken or hurt from the fall, my sister's best friend (and angel by the way) Lisa Larson had a battery of test run.  Lisa is an oncologists at Brookwood Hospital and has just been the most amazing friend anyone could ask for. She really got the ball rolling with some wonderful doctors.   So, they kept mom here
As it turns out, her problem all along was her hip.  Her previous surgery had gone arye and her hip had come out of socket causing her excruciating pain.  So, what started out as an overnight trip to go deliver art last Wed. turned into a 5 day trip, 3 of them sleeping in a chair like this: wasn't green.  Anyway, after surgery to repair the hip, mom's doing amazing and I'm so proud of her.  She's already eating better.  One of the reasons we were so concerned about her is that she had lost so much weight lately.  Like 30 lbs in the last 6 months.  WOW.  As it turns out, it was just too much trouble to get up and eat because her hip was hurting so bad.  Never the one to complain.  She is just an amazing person.  I just have to add that 2 days after surgery she is down to just tylenol! (I would be whinin like a baby)  This is someone who birthed four children under hypnosis.  I mean seriously, she is tuff as nails.  Anywhooo, yesterday I drove the 3 1/2 hours back home and CRASHED. Then CRASHED again.
Please pray that mom will continue to make wonderful progress.

Anyway,,,,,on to Mr. W's favorite meal that I made him last night.
Talk about E-A-S-Y
It's pan fried steak (greek style) and Boil in a bag rice
What cha do is this....
Season a thin rib eye (bone out) with salt, pepper and garlic
oh, I added a little oregano
then just fry it up in a pan with a little olive oil
 Then about 5 min. before it's cooked to it's luscious temp of choice add about a half a stick of butter and some whole peppercorns and about 4 squeezed lemons.  This gives it a creamy lemony peppery sauce to pour over.
Then cook this:
And there ya have it.  A VERY easy Sunday night dinner meal
oh yummy!  have a great week ya'll!


  1. Forget Luscos or Dorothy......We are going to let you do the cooking sistah....hahah...See you and W on Thursday??? OR EARLY FRIDAY!!

  2. Good bless your mama! She sounds like a brave lady and so glad she's on the mend. That recipe looks amazing!