Monday, September 19, 2011

A Beautiful Party!

Okay, was Sunday beautiful here in the South or what?
Which made for the perfect fall party for our "featured guest" Amy and Greg!
I took about 400 photos so to choose which ones to pull out was a little difficult.
Oh, and the food?.....good ole Kentucky Fried Chicken, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, and
That Potato Salad Recipe (I'll re-post that tomorrow) and tons of yummy desserts..
Just an all around perfect party!
Here we go!

The mom of the bride Elaine and sister Emily

We just thought "Greg" would get a kick out of his modeling pics

is that a cute baby or what?

my handsome daddy!

we love you Chris and Val!!!!

the hostesses

btw......I paid Greg 200.00 to shave off his beard.  He owes me 200.00

Is that one good lookin nephew?  Senior at Auburn and SINGLE

 Amy and her beautiful sisters and mom

next party???? Gender reveal party for Jordan and Eric's third on Tuesday!!!
Have another beautiful day y'all!


  1. What a wonderful picture of my brother,Jack. I love you and know that you are enjoying your beautiful children and grandchildren!!! I miss them all...

  2. Hello. I follow your blog and check just about every day! Your pictures are wonderful. You and your family are beautiful!!
    Question: I am going to Birmingham this Friday and would love to know what your recommendations are as far as shopping and eating. I'm sure we'll eat somewhere yummy once or so but I really want to go to some neat, fun shops. Thanks so much for your help. I consider your advice great!
    jennifer key or

    thanks again!

  3. You have the BEST parties...I always want to be there, that's how i know!! Can't wait to try the potato salad recipe - just a day behind so commented on this one. You know I couldn't miss the festivities! Have a great day ~