Monday, September 26, 2011

A simple Blackboard

I love this kitchen....
why?, look how grandmotherly it looks!  I mean farmhouse sink, old wood stove, blackbloard....that's it, it's the blackboard that I am in love with!  So,  I have this messy area that is DRIVINMECRAZY! in my kitchen.  Actually when we built this house 4 years ago I had wanted to add an office on the main level. Not a large one just a small one that would include a wrapping station.  We were already in the works, foundation was poured and we were already behind so we nixed that idea.  I regret doing that because it would have expanded my art studio also and given me room to sew with the extra room it would have given us downstairs.  Plus, all my "messy" paper work would have been hidden.   Advice....when you're building a home and you want to do something like that, go ahead and do it (finances approving) because you will regret it.
I love the blackboard in this kitchen.
So, I'm going to show you what I did.
First up, my messy desk (that sits right in the middle of our kitchen)
OMG, just looking at this picture gives me anxiety

so, I found this shelf that we will never use in the basement. (don't worry about the clip in the side, it will be hidden)

and I painted it with blackboard paint.  (I wish it was magnetic) and, I wish it was larger. oh well, I may re-do it.  and  When they come out with magnetic blackboard paint will y'all let me know?  Now all I have to do is draw on it and have fun, and mess my desk back up (that will be done today I have no doubt.) For now, I'm just going to write little sweet notes to myself!

I LOVE blackboard paint.  Anyone that has kids should paint a big square in their room for kids (and adults) to play on!
Have a great day y'all!


  1. Kendall,
    You can have it be magnetic also!!!
    You need to google it and read. Have never done but researched it a bit a year or so ago. Seems to be a primer you put on before the chalkboard paint. Look at reviews because different brands really change in their ratings. One that seems to get good reviews is Magnamagic Magnetic receptive wall paint (saw sold on Amazon and had many reviews and tips). As I read I also discovered that the kind of magnet you use matters. People recommend rare earth magnets which you would purchase at a craft store. They caution about their strength and small children. Another site uses strips of magnets used on cars that you cut up from a sheet. As best I can read, the key to primer is to follow directions carefully, use foam roller to help with smoothness, stir a lot and apply many coats. Here are a few links I saw right away to get you started-
    Good luck!

  2. you can get the primer paint at home depot or lowes-I have it sitting here to do the same thing over my desk and up in the kid's playroom! Great minds....

  3. haha!! thank you SO much girls (or guys) well Jenny I know you're not a guy.
    Going to go get the primer today!!! THANK U!!!

  4. So organized...I may have to do this in my desk area. Just love it!!

  5. Kendall, Loving the chalkboard ... trying to find a place in my house for one! Idea ~ do you need the plates here? If not, then replace them with paper or fabric covered boxes that are similar to magazine holder boxes. You will probably have to make them out of white gift boxes, but closed backs, bottoms, tops & fronts will enable you to just them out without losing anything in the space. Label the ends ... days of the week, months of the year, kids(?), ideas, bills (ugh!), etc.
    And it is always easier to tell someone else how to decorate then deciding on something for your own house! But, I LOVE your house and know that you enjoy it each and every early morning:)
    Will send you and Kim an invite to Sister's and Friend's Lunch (Dutch treat) in B'ham on Nov 14th Just a fun time to get together with friends ... many that you might not have seen in a while. Have been doing it for a few years when I get back to Dothan to visit and it is always fun to catch up friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Will be in B'ham visiting Phil and family for a couple of days on this visit back to the states (we are living in Panama ... as in the country, not the city). Hope you will both be able to come.
    Scarlett Stutts Tatum