Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sixty and Lovin It!!!

Last night was a super fun party!
Thrown by my super fun friends, in honor of Gayle.
This is Gayle saying "I'm sixty and lovin it"
doesn't she look amazing????

packed full of fun friends, many that I haven't seen since I left 10 yrs. ago

we gave her the shoe painting

ate lots of food!

there's Suz, Kobie, and Barb

Karen turns 60 next! ( I think) A BIG OOPS, It's not her next but Barb (I think)

Then Barb. (I'm only telling you this because they're PROUD OF IT!!!!)

taking a pic of them taking a pic

more friends I haven't seen in years!

Connie and Gayle

we were wondering if she could blow out the candles. why 3? Because she looks 30!

another beauty Cynthia and Gayle

she did!!!

I'll admit it....I don't know any of these people.  Not one. (I don't think)

Barb, Karen, Connie and Marian

So Connie, don't you think Kendall's dress is a tad bit short????


Beth the beautiful (if you fly American you may see her)
oh, and she's getting MARRIED! in May!!!  yehhhhh Beth, after 27 yrs. we are finally going to get to be bridesmaids! (I'm serious, we are going to throw her the bachelorette party of the century all with "the crew" wearing old bridesmaids dresses)!  If you're in Atlanta and you see a bunch of 50 - 60 sompthins in bridesmaids dresses out on the town um.... that would be us.
Beth's bridesmaids and the hostesses....and my all time favorite bestest buds.
Have a great night y'all!
I'm hittin the sack.


  1. Woowoo! Looking foxy Kendall!

  2. Your friend does not look 60...Your dress is so cute. Where did you get it from?

  3. That is one great looking bunch of women! The birthday gifrl looks fabuous, nice to know that is what 60 looks like in a few years. Kendal, you dress is amazing, coral is your colour. XO

  4. Thank you guys!!! Doesn't she look fabulous! The dress albeit a tad bit short came from Niemans (on line) and it actually was a decent price! Thanks again!!!