Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's A.......

Well, first of all it was a darling little party.
Have you heard of the new "gender reveal" parties?
It's where the parents do something fun and exciting to reveal the gender of the baby.
Well J and E decided to do this memory game party.
Where you match two cards and the one left without a match is the gender.
OH the suspense just about killed us!!!
Here we were!
first up:
Lil B

and Lawson and Jay

and of course a few goodies from Edgars and sweet hostess Holls!

Evey just couldn't quit hugging

what do lil girls do with their aunt?

they always play with their hair!

There's Lil B again! (is the suspense killin ya yet?)

 here we go,

Jordan explained how it works

with great detail (oh by the way, no one, not even Eric nor she knew the gender)  the ultrasound tech put the gender card in a sealed envelope)

Evey helped play (she could have beat all of us at this game)

getting close!!!

and closer!!!!

we were dying, we were down to 5

there it is!!! what is it??????

it's a girl!!!!

Evey, you're having a baby sister!!!

Everyone smiled with delight!!!

the happy family will soon be 5!

and then she had to tell G-Man who couldn't make it

everyone who thought it was a girl wore pink

and the boys...Lil B was disappointed!

I would HIGHLY recommend this game
Not sure what it's called or where you get it but I can find out

Have a great day y'all!


  1. It was SOO fun!!!! Yay baby girls!!!!!

  2. Was Lil B texting during the game??? I thinkkkk so!!! HAHA what fun... I think he knew already!!! love to all,Aunt E

  3. Oh my gosh it turned out perfectly!!!! My heart was pounding the entire time. I wouldn't let myself scroll to the bottom! Yay for baby girls!! :)

  4. What a fun idea! If we were to have a third child, I think I'd like to do it this way. We didn't find out the gender of our kids until the actual birth (tad old fashion we are). Congrats to the family! Can't wait to find out the name...

  5. LOVE this!! You did such a great job capturing the moment and all the reactions!!!!!!!! Can't wait for her arrival!!

  6. That's so awesome!! Happy for them! When can we see some pictures from Callen's wedding?? I am dying to see her dress!!

  7. I was ONE nervous wreck scrolling down!!!!hehehhe Ken was standing here too:)) CONGRATS! Girl, boy, girl.......just like her mom:)))