Thursday, September 22, 2011

When Something Goes Wrong...and Moving On

I've been putting off posting this blog for about a month and a half and giving this situation "time to settle"
Plus, not to step on my sweet daughter's heart.
Her wedding which was to take place on August 6th was cancelled 2 weeks prior.
As you can well imagine, we were all in a slight state of shock, but I am proud to say that Callen is my SUPER hero.
She has handled herself with dignity and grace.  
I am telling you all this because some of my readers have wondered why I had not posted any pics of the wedding and Callen realized I needed to address this.  PLUS, I wanted you to know how wonderful she is doing!
How IS Callen doing?
Like I said, she is my hero (actually my SUPER hero) and realizes that God WILL and HAS gotten her through this.
AND, she's running in her first half marathon the end of October in New Orleans.  She is training like a maniac and I am so, so, so proud of her!  We are getting a team together to go down and watch her!
and you should see her, she's ripped!
She gave me permission to write this yesterday.  And I said "do you have a picture of Lindsey Owens (her running partner) and you for me to show?  Nope, no pic, but I can show you the ripped little body from this weekend

How do you move on from such a devastating situation?  I'm learning from her.  It was something that affected our whole family and we have all had a hard time.
I have sung that song "Thank God for Unanswered Prayers" in my head a million times.
We have ALL moved on and it's time to lay that chapter to rest.  Callen has dusted off her boot straps, gotten back on that horse and is riding like an Olympic star rider.  She has taught me so many things since this happened.  A simple 24 year old teaching her mom how to forgive, forget, and move on.  I'll admit, this has really been a rough one but we have all gotten through it...and I always say "forgiveness is such a healing emotion".  As I've said before, my mom was a pro at forgiveness and taught us all that important message.
So, please join me in congratulating my precious youngest for her resilience, her wonderful attitude, her ability to forgive and forget, and mostly that she went to our Heavenly Father to help her through all of this.


  1. What a beautiful statement. Forgiveness is for you... Not the person you are forgiving. For every door that is closed, a new and better one is opened. Callen you look amazing.

  2. What a beautiful young lady!!! I know that there is a plan for her. I love hearing that she is a runner. Jay, my son and your cousin is a runner. I would never had guessed that he would be a runner, but was pleasantly suprised. He also is a son of God,he has a very strong faith and is very involved in his church. I also am very proud of Callen!!!

  3. Callen, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself -- it sounds like you have already learned that life lesson. Good luck in your race and throughout your journey toward healing and what is certain to be a bright future. What a gorgeous young lady you are!

  4. God does give us courage to face the unimaginable and come thru with our heads held high and to realize he has BETTER things in store. Happy to hear everyone is moving on and forgiving.... hurt and anger only hurt the one holding it!!!! I am sure many are watching how Callen and you all are handling the situation....You all are and example to all.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a personal hardship. So proud of Callen and know that God has wonderful plans for her His word says so in Jeremiah 29:11. These plans are for her to prosper, plans to give her a hope and a future. Interestingly, we love to claim that verse but the following verses are what Callen knows.... It says, IF you seek my face with all your heart, IF you pray to HIM He WILL listen. What a comfort it must be to you to have faith and know you can give her to God for safe keeping.
    She looks fabulous and is so blessed to have such wonderful family support whether it is thru hardship or life goals like a marathon.
    You spent much time (rightfully) talking about Callen and her victory in this but being a mother of 3 daughters I know the ache you have dealt with also. Glad you also feel strong enough to post.

  6. beautiful post.
    beautiful daughter.
    beautiful family.
    beautiful you.
    beautiful heart.
    beautiful God.
    John 16:33 "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace, in this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world"

  7. Smart, beautiful, strong, loving, daughter!!! Doors are going to FLY open for her!!!! Time...Gods time is not our time. She was protected by HIS wings! Glory be to God....And, may her kind, loving heart mend 100% soon..... You are a great Mom and friend!

  8. I follow your blog through Allison's blog and while I have never met Callen, I got to know Jordan when my husband and I lived in Nashville a few years ago. I have to say, if Callen is anything like Jordan, I know she is the nicest, sweetest, most fun chick around and I'm sure her ability to handle this situation with grace and poise is an inspiration to many. Myself included.

    Plus...don't they say that "looking good is the best revenge?" Not that you want to get revenge at all. Forgiveness is MUCH better, but still....Callen looks amazing!!

    I hope you all have a blast watching her run in New Orleans!

  9. Callen,it's great to have a niece who is making the "main thing" the main thing! Your best days are ahead of you, and I know that God has a great plan for you! God bless.