Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lighting Dilema!

Ya know?  When I decorate for other's homes it is easy breezy.  When it comes to mine?
I can't make a darn decision to save my life.
Plus,,,,I'm on a very strict budget.
All I know is this ceiling fan in our condo dining room has

Who puts a ceiling fan in a dining room anyway????
And ya know, I know people like sleeping under them but I think I'm bout over them.
So sorry if I'm offending anyone.  The painting is also too bold, and I actually just stuck it up there for some color. I might do something on all three walls to soften up the color. Or I may do a series of prints (maybe 6 on the back wall) And it is actually not this dark and muddy looking.  More of a soft gray.  All I want is a simple barrel shade light fixture.  Was it easy to find? nope.  But I did find some others that I love!

has some great barrel light fixtures but this gray one I liked was just too "matchy" with the chair in the adjacent room (and I don't like anything to match to well)

like, but too heavy and dark

love, but too long

I had to throw this closet in here. omg, what beauty!


there's one!  from Restoration Hardware, too pricey, I'm needing cheap y'all

RH again, oh, this would look SO fab in that dining room don't you think? I wouldn't have to put anything on the walls.  this would be the artwork I'm looking for!

or this from RH

Be still my heart, I really, really want this one bad (think I could make it????)

finally found the one!  West Elm, and the price was right!

Have a wonderful football Saturday y'all!
I'm hitting that lil white ball on this spectacular day!


  1. Nice choice for the lamp! I have also had the hardest time picking a gray paint color for my living room. Let us know when you find a color,I may have to use it.

  2. Dear A, my daughter has a fabulous gray color. I'll find out and let you know!

  3. Here is link to inexpensive (very) drum pendant that somewhat looks like restoration Hardware one you said to expensive.

  4. Yes you could make that one. My daughter made one but used one of the wire baskets everyone is selling and covered.

  5. I bought mine from CB2, the Eden pendant light. I had the wiring changed over to be hung from the ceiling and I think the total was right at $100!! It was the one in the office... don't know if you remember!