Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fallin It Up!

Well....we have been one of the lucky ones to have our home featured on the Reynold's Home Tour out here at Reynold's Plantation, October 22.
SOOOOO......the fall decorating begins!
and, let me mention that Fall is my VERY favorite time of the year!
These poor wreaths had lost their luster....
but wait! I knew I could save these poor little Target wreaths with just a tad bit of ingenuity AND save some dough in the process!,,,so, they went from Summer wreaths to Fall wreaths just like that! Shazam!

Here's what I did:
First I spray painted them brown (with the help of Cooper) (he was so excited)

but wait! while I was letting them dry, I decided to try my hand at stacking pumpkins

first I cut down the stem so it had a flat top (I made sure my foot got in the picture, and yes I'm wearing white sandals after Labor Day)

then I punched wooden skewers in like this (you may need a hammer)

I plunged the next pumpkin on top of the skewers

repeating the process

I was left with these unsightly skewers!  so...

I covered them up with moss (don't tell anyone)

back to the wreaths.  I found these darling little miniature pumpkins in different sizes and colors

and cut some greenery out of my yard (this will be easy to replace when it dies)

using smaller skewers I jabbed the skewer right in that sucker and stuck him on the wreath

and did two others.  Then I had bought this beautiful rust ribbon from Gayle K to adorn my wreath

and there ya have it!  The start of my fall decorating

Total cost?  About 70.00 for everything (and 20.00 was the ribbon)
Have a great day y'all!


  1. Oh how exciting. Hope we get to follow along on the tour! I am totally impressed with your skills. The pumpkins look amazing - obsessed with the middle one, and the wreaths...the perfect Fall it all!!

  2. Just wanted to tell you that you're right!!
    Saw some stacked pumpkins at a little shop this weekend in Mt brook- they covered their skewers w moss too!!