Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three New Paintings

Hey, THANKS guys for all the advice on the chalkboard!!!  I went to Home Depot and found the magnetic paint and literally after 5 coats.....it works! Not great, but enough to put a magnet on one piece of paper. Piece of really good advice?  Make sure that paint is mixed up really, really well.  AND just throw away the [foam] brush.  That paint WILL NOT come out.  (it won't come off your hands either) After painting the magnetic paint, I painted over it with blackboard chalk.  AND.  I've decided that I am going to make a new one that covers the entire area.  So,,,,anyone want a magnetic chalkboard???? See what I mean about decorating my own house?
Now, on to some bidness.
I've got two art shows coming up and an extremely busy fall.  Whew!  I get jittery just thinking about all that is about to hit me.   So, the art shows are Greater Atlanta Christian Artist Extravaganza in Atlanta, and a new one for me St. Georges Independent School in Memphis has their Fine Art Show and Sale.
These are both in early November.   Like I have said before in a previous blog I like to take 25 paintings to a show.  That means I need to have about 40 painted.  And considering most of my work is large format paintings, that makes for a lot of BIG work!
Here are my latest three!
"Fall Trees in a Row"
36 x 36 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

"Six Angels"
36 x 36 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

"One Lonely Tree"
30 x 20 mixed media framed
oh, and by the way, they are for the show, but for sale now if interested!

Have a great day y'all!
I'm off to Nashvegas for a fun birthday party for a wonderful friend!


  1. Kendall, love the paintings,but you know my favorite is the Angels!!! Love love the colors, but I still love mine the Best!!! I know you will do very well...Don`t work to hard,love ya much!!!!!! Aunt E

  2. Love all three, Kendall! Just beautiful!

  3. poor lonely tree. sometimes i feel like that is mee.. LOVE YOUR WORK... mine is hanging in the kitchen I need to put a post up about it.