Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roll Tide!!!

I'll have to admit, I love me some football.  Especially Alabama football.  There's just nothing like going to an Alabama football game....(unless you're an Auburn fan) then, there's just nothing like going to an Auburn game.  While I'm at it, so sorry Auburn (and I seriously mean that) although Dabo Sweeney is a good friend of ours and I had to pull for Clemson. I'll just say "go Dabo" (he is an awesome guy, one that we are so, so lucky to know and be friends with) he even got a little tough with the reporters yesterday and said "enough of this KRAP" wow!
Back to ALABAMA football.
Oh wait, let me digress....the first part of our day was filled with a beautiful shower for a beautiful bride!
Amy was totally giddy and I loved seeing her so happy!  She is going to make such a wonderful addition to our family! (I promise we didn't all plan to match)

and the moms!  Sorry about the yellow photo, I had my camera settings wrong.
she got some fabulous goodies!
now, on to some football......
first of all, I had a pretty major wardrobe malfunction. zipper in my dress malfunctioned and it was down to jeans.  Dangit, I was so ready to be all Roll Tided out!
oh, and boy did the weather man screw up! um, it never dropped below 80.
Whew, it was hot with that sweater on.
So, what do you do when you go to an Alabama football game?
(besides look at all the cute clothes) (and beautiful girls)
I'm serious y'all, there are some beauties in the South.
You tailgate!
with four TVs

and maybe a few many libations

you watch the games while checking your phone....constantly

shout out.....great oral surgeon Lewis Gonzoles (if you need one in the Birmingham area)
not really sure that's how to spell his name

a few of those Southern beauties joined us

Mother's join in and almost always you can't tell the mother from the daughter in the South.

you take a nap

wait, just kidding.

now, on to the game...Let's see not really even sure who Alabama played.
Hey, I'm there for the tailgate, to see the cute clothes and just have some fun.
And listen to some really serious southern slang. Let's see, what did I hear?
my mind's not working yet this morning but usually it gets comical. 
(there are quite a few "Bubba's" at an Alabama football game)
I say that very endearingly. 
All I know is it was really sad...

"Bubba" beat up the little kid on the playground
I really felt sorry for (the other team)....
until "W" told me they got a whopping mil for playing Bama.
Have a great day y'all!
Oh, it's going to be another wonderful party!!!


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