Monday, September 12, 2011

A funny family

oops. I screwed up.....sister DID NOT say HER house was a septic tank someone else said THEIR house was a septic tank.  Been called out on that by funny sister.
She actually has a very beautiful home.
she's hilarious....period.
Ya know, I've got a funny family.
I don't know where they got their humor (especially my sister) but they are just down right funny!
I wish I had gotten some of their humor but unfortunately my humor comes down to being a dumb blonde.
Which I sometimes use pretty well.
Take sister.  On facebook she writes. "why would someone put the remote control on the tv?" (that's just one of the funny things she writes and really, come to think about it, sorry sis, that wasn't that funny.)
But it's true.
she's right!  why would someone put it there?  I have to admit, it's the place I look instead of looking in the seats of the couch.  I'm a remote control fanatic. I HATE THOSE THINGS.  I want to throw them as far as I can.  Whomever invented the new ones, you know the ones that you have to have 3 of to work the damn TV.  Oh, and you have to push TV ON first and then push guide. OMG  just a simple remote control people is all I ask for. Is that too much? And a button to tell me where it is located.
Then there's brother 2 
He has this funny bathroom humor.
Let's see, Sister yesterday on FB say's her house is like a septic tank, brother replies, at least you're number 1 and not number 2.
Oh and then he replies  that all men should revolt and leave the toilet seat up.
Have you ever fallen into a toilet at 2 a.m.?  It's not fun at all. period.
That's one rule I insist on in my house.  That seat is DOWN.
The only funny thing I know is blonde jokes (and they're not family friendly)
I can tell some trashy jokes y'all.
Like, what's a blonde doin a handstand?
A brunette.
Did I really just write that?
OMG, I just realized what I've got going on for the next 2 months.
This Sat. shower for Amy, Sunday couples shower for Gregory and Amy, then Gender reveal party for Jordan and Eric on Tuesday!  (so excited, I think it's a girl) (all in Birmingham)
THEN Birthday party for Gayle on the 29 in Nashville,
then wedding for A and G on October 8.  In between all that "W" and I are going to hit up Napa for a little getaway.  Whew.  OH. I almost forgot. Youngest Callen sold her house Yeahhhh and will be moving in between all that. I seriously think I need to move to Birmingham for a whole month.  I might just do it!
Then our home is going to be on the Reynold's Home Tour October 22.  1,500 folks will be coming through.  We will be at two weddings.  "W" at one and I at another.

have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. I loved reading all of your posts about your daughters upcoming wedding, but I never saw a post about the actual wedding day. Did I miss that post? I totally understand if something happened and this is a private family matter, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked a post about the big day!