Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Heavy Heart

What were you doing 10 years ago today?
I awoke this morning like every other and then I realized today is September 11th.
What a beautiful sunrise this morning has brought. A bright orange glow arising from the trees on to the water.  The sky looks much like that day 10 years ago. It's going to be a beautiful day

And it hit me.
I remember every little thing about that week.  Every move, every emotion, everything.   Even words that were spoken.  I don't remember a thing about Sept. 10.
I was in my office working and watching Matt Lauer on the Today Show when the first plane hit.
I remember the screen immediately went to his producer who happened to be by the World Trade Center.
She was breathing really hard and reported that "a small plane had hit one of the towers"  I remember thinking "that's an awfully big plane although it looked small in comparison to the large building and how in the world could it hit something in such beautiful weather"!!!  We lived in Nashville at the time and I ran downstairs to tell "W" who was just waking up.  I said "TURN ON THE TV, A PLANE HAS HIT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER".  We turned on the TV and he said "Kendall, that's a terrorist attack"
He has his pilot's license and knew that there was no way a plane could hit a building on a beautiful day like that unless it was on purpose. We both sat there in shock.  I went back upstairs to watch and try to get some work done (I was designing a home at the time and was under a deadline) but found myself glued to the TV.  And then WHAM, another plane hit the other tower.  I knew our lives were changed at that moment.  I wanted to call all of my kids.  I remember Matt Lauer saying "building one looks like it's swaying".  It's weird, no one else said that and no one has ever given him credit for calling that.  I could not move from the TV.  I called a friend Elizabeth and we went and tried to do some shopping.  I remember we went to Tuesday Morning in Hendersonville to look at dolls for her daughter.  Then we went to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  Everywhere we went had a TV and everyone was GLUED to the screen. Everyone was in shock. I remember feeling such gloom and looking a folks around me and knowing they were having the same feelings.  I remember calling Jordan at Ole Miss and she was in between classes walking.  I said "do you know what has happened"?  She had not heard, but I remember thinking "how is this going to impact all of my kids and their lives moving forward?"  I was so scared for them and I wanted all of them with me right at that moment.  I have chills thinking about that day.  For the rest of the week I literally did nothing but watch TV.
What were you doing Sept. 11, 2011?
Pray for peace in our world

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