Sunday, December 16, 2012

28 Years Ago....

I birthed the most amazing son ever.
It was not so amazing at the time since he was 3 weeks late...yep. and 9 lbs. 5 oz.
He has had his trials and tribulations (but haven't we all)
but. he is God's gift to me.  A simply perfect son.
He is the one person in my family that says "I love you" not "love ya"
do you know what that means?  "Love ya" means yeah, I love ya.
I love YOU means,,,,I really, really love you and I mean it.
and I love him back with all my heart.
He graduated from Samford and is SO well respected with his job
a MASTER at web designing.  Anyone will tell you that.
I am so, so very proud of him.
And....he will make a wonderful father one day, which is an extra special bonus!
I love you Gregory (Greg)
This morning was day 3!!!
This is what I woke to!

random I realize, but I LOVE mags. Especially Garden and Gun.  My fave.
W continually outdoes himself doesn't he?
Now, on to another subject.
My g-babies are here visiting until Wed.
Be still my g-baby lovin heart.
Today, we are going to the Nutcracker, new dress, tights, coat, and new shoes in tote. (Oh and a new haircut!)
for Evey of course
Tomorrow, lunch with E, new dress, new tights, new headband, new shoes in tote.
She's turned into such a showoff!

 making paper ornaments for our tree (that has yet to be put up!)
 baby Cakes is trying her best to crawl!
and finally the beautiful couple at a wedding in Savannah this weekend.
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!!

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