Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby it's Cold Outside......

Are you a cold weather person, or a hot weather?
I'm spring and fall.
But, I really, really LOVE coats.  I have a serious coat addiction.
I have always said that if my house caught on fire the 1st thing I would get (after saving my husband and my computer) would be my Burberry raincoat and my Burberry swing coat.
Mainly because they are irreplaceable.  I purchased both of them years ago and while the styles have changed, I still love mine.
I'm a big lover of the "swing" coat style.
My only problem with coats, is that they're really a pain to wear, ya know?
Anyway, I went shoppin this mornin!
 Easy to wear.  I like easy.

 So Kate Middleton, don't you agree?
 Burberry kids
 I sosososososo want this from Anthropologie!

 Marc Jacobs
 Moschino = really, really love
 Old Navy
 I want this really, really bad, but sold out!  Donna Karan
 Seriously,,,,,what WERE they thinking?
 Old Navy
I'll take his coat.....
have a wonderful Sat. y'all!

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