Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OH What a Wonderful Feeling....

Oh, what a wonderful day!!!
I gotta tell you mom's out there something though.
I know you are exhausted this time of year.
Dad's out there who are reading (if there are any?) it is time to pitch in
I think that about two weeks before Santa, kids just start the walls.
to my delight, I love it!  but it's exhausting.  And I know my poor J is just worn down.
But you know what?  She NEVER complains and she has the patience of Job.
That's what I truly love about her.  A simply perfect mother.
So, yesterday was totally action packed.
There are SO many fun things to do in Atlanta and I think we have done them all, except the aquarium and Stone Mountain.
I will tell you, if you get the chance to come to Atlanta.  DO NOT miss Legoland at Phipps Plaza.
One of the most fun places I have been in a while.

 Every will not go anywhere without the new purse that Elizabeth gave her!!!  And, a little cash!!!! E you will love this.  Evey had to buy her friend Lucy something with the money.

 They had a complete display of the city of Atlanta, all made out of legos.  Amazing.

 karaoke was a BIG hit with Evers
 then on to a trip to Johnny Rockets for lunch!
 after naptime, we had to go visit The Pink Pig, an Atlanta tradition

so,,,,, now I am up at 3 a.m. because one of the lovely advantages of living in a condo in Buckhead is that people have parties until all hours of the night in the parking lot.  Up for the day.
But this was waiting for me when I awoke.  My wonderful W
little history here.  I am a design snob.  I'll just go ahead and admit it.  And I LOVE throws.  This brown throw first of all did NOT match our decor.  And we've had it forever and it was nasty.  And it picked up every white speck it could find.  So,  it will be given away.
"W" knew how bad it was bugging me.
this was what I unwrapped!
a beautiful new grey one.
I am SO happy!!!
have a wonderful uh morning?  day y'all!

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