Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 5....

Well, first of all, we had SUCH a fun day yesterday!!!
We took the kids to Phipps to do some shopping.
Evey and I had the honour of eating lunch with my bestie E.
who loves kids BTW.  I told her she would be a wonderful teacher.
But, she's a lawyer.
Evers is just totally in love with E!
then Gregory came up to Atlanta to work and we did a little impromptu Birthday party for him!
 sweet baby Cakes!
 and Bennett my love!!!

 the birthday boy!

 there's those piggies again!!!
 Day 5!!!
my own special Olive Tree!!! Will produce olive oil in the spring!!! How cool is that?
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!

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  1. oh my goodness, that first pic of Cate is too stinkin' cute!! Love her little pigtails. And Greg, nice haircut, but did they take the razor to a chunk of your bangs?? ;)