Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let the Parties Begin!!!!

So, last night was the first Christmas party of a whole slew of them that we have coming up.
It was "W"s company party and I promised him I wouldn't blog about it.
I lied.
Sorry honey!
These pictures were just too good not to show and I want everyone to be able to see their pic and download them if they would like.
So, we had a special room at Del Friscos here in Atlanta.
WOW, when you walk in to that place, just know you're walkin into a meat market.  Seriously folks.
Pick up city.
We had a wonderful time. I personally enjoyed it so much because I got to see so many folks that I haven't seen in a while.  And I got to meet some new ones!!!  Which I always love.
 Is it just me or does W look like he has a red tag on his ear?
 Two of my very favorite people in the whole wide world.  And not bad to look at either.

 Clark Kent made his entrance along with his beautiful wife Laura!
 Matt and his lovely wife Susan.  Matt's on the mend with a broken back!
 Okay, I have a little beef (no pun intended) with Del Friscos.  Seriously why do they dress their waitresses like this.  I was almost embarrassed for them.

 I got to play stand in wifey for those who's wives couldn't make it.  I didn't mind......
 Check out those beautiful blue eyes......
 Another stand in.  Jamie (pronounced Hymmie)
 Another great lookin couple!!!!  W knows how to hire great looking folks!!!

 I think he was about to make a speech, or maybe tearing up????
 Sorry Scot!!! I told you to open your eyes!!!
 much better!
 my love, who I am SO proud of!!!
 a toast to the company!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!

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