Sunday, December 9, 2012

After a Totally Disasterous Week.....

Well, let's just put it this way,,,,it started out like that.
Tuesday I was going back to Atlanta and was going YES 85 in a 55 mile an hour zone.
On top of that it was a construction zone.  Which means double the ticket price.
As much as I tried to flirt, he only came down to 79.  So, I'm sure that's gonna cost a fortune.
Then, on to the lake to pick up my youngest's Christmas Stocking.
Enter this.
So you know that this chick rolled down her window and said "GURL, you aint watchin what cho were doin?"  HELLO?  She drove into my lane. And, I thought there was gonna be a fight.  I gave it right back to her and was NOT about to let her get away with that.  Neither was the police!  What a day, geez!
It got better from there.
AND, after a slow 2 days at Scott's, I actually sold 5 large paintings yesterday!  Whoop whoop!!!!
and have 5 commissions in the work.  I'm trying to start a clean slate with the new year as I have all kinds of ideas running through my mind!
Anyway, while I was bored, I went around and took some photos of a few great finds!
 these are soap dispensers and you would not believe how many of these this guy sells
 there's a lady there that makes beautiful french hand sewn dresses

 loved this runner, but 98.00 was too pricey
 and her ribbon was great!
 SOLD!!! and it is SO cute on.  Very artsy
 these were all that's left of my favorite trees!
 bench = love
 I also thought this was a pretty cute table.  But the legs may create a problem.
 be still my rug remenant lovin heart

 loved these pillows, but a bit pricey at 250 for the pair.
 if you're lookin for a headboard
 great chairs

 more headboards
 it must be the thing at Scotts.
 one that didn't get away!  But lots of interest!

 tons of tables
 loved this little bench!
 and these trees!
 more pillows
 and tons of rugs!
 There is still a ton of great stuff there as it has been a rather slow show.  You may get some really good prices.  I saw a lot of 50% off signs.  People getting rid of the old to make room for the new.  I know I am giving better deals!!!
Come see me!!!
South building L-10 5100
Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. Scott Scout!
    Love the soap dispensers, have never seen those!
    Love seeing all of this without going down there!
    XO Martha

  2. What a week - wowzer!! At least you sold 5 paintings - now that's a lot of art. Hope you have a great start to your week ~