Friday, December 28, 2012

It's a Wrap.....

NO not my blog!!! I'm still here gearing up for the New Year!
I'm talkin about scarves.....or wraps.
I am (like everyone else in this world) love, love, lovin em!
What is great about a scarf?
You can wear black everyday and wear a different scarf and there ya have it!
A different lookin outfit every day!
So, I scoured the internet for some of my faves!
Here we go...
 for mum or child
 gift from Callen to moi!!! I loveeeeee it!!!!  Anthro
 um.....not for me, never. I would go stinkin crazy wearin this....Burberry
 Neimans = love
 how seriously mad would W be at me if I went to Neimans and bought this 595.00 scarf.
 for the monogram lover in you....pinterest
and finally....everyone needs the classic Burberry scarf
Have a fabulous day y'all!!!

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