Saturday, December 8, 2012


You know I want to talk about something that is really important to me.
I've been bugged by something lately and you know,,,,,this is my journal that I write in almost every day.
Family comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and personalities.
It's making it work that counts.
Sometimes we jive, sometimes we don't.
But,  all in all it MUST work for it to work.  You must MAKE it work.
It's that simple.
It's easy to forgive your loved ones.  You simply love them and that in itself is forgiveness.
I'm not saying it's easy to forget, I'm just saying it's easy to forgive....if you allow yourself.
I like to say forgiveness is the most healing emotion one can do.  Not for the other person, but for yourself.
and I'm serious about that.
Try it.
I've been plagued lately by a certain set of circumstances which are beyond my control.
I can't control what others think about me or act towards me.  I can only accept it and move on.
I happen to love people.  I love deeply and passionately.
But, I also make mistakes.  Big ones.  I am only human.  I can only hope that they can forgive me like I forgive myself.
I'm asking for forgiveness for those I've hurt.
on to other things.
When I was in Birmingham last week, I said "J, let's take the kids to the park!!!!"  It happened to be a beautiful day and we needed to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!
So, of course, camera in tow!!!!
 oh my loves!!!!

 even big girls love the park!
 this kid is seriously a daredevil.  I see her being a skydiver one day.


 what is that?
 he has his G-Man's eyes, beautiful blue!
 there were dogs everywhere!!!!
and the kids loved them!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!
and thank you SO much for entering my "giveaway"!!! Never know when I'll do another one :)!!!


  1. You are right on the money about family. They are always there when you need them..Some times you don't like them but you will always Love them. Especially, your children. They seem to hurt their parents more because they know you will always be there for them Plus, It's one way for them to take out their frustrations..But unfortunately,It 's seems the mother is the one who takes the brunt of all of their frustrations. That is why they call it unconditional love. They don't realize they are hurting the ones they love with their mis directed anger. Forgiveness is a powerful blessing. I was always told to forgive but never FORGET...One good thing though. You can't choose your family but you can CHoose your friends...Hope the person or persons that have hurt you will realize what they are doing to you and give you a BIG Apology and hug...Tis the season to be Jolly fa la la la la la la...Wish I could win one of your angel paintings...Merry Christmas to you and all your beautiful family. Signed, one that is still working on forgiveness...

  2. I love this! and thank you for commenting! I just wish I knew who you are! If you ever want to tell me e-mail me at Think we have a lot in common :)