Friday, December 21, 2012

Ms. Tina.....and a GREAT last minute Christmas gift

You know, every now and then God puts people in our lives that, well, just simply make us happy.
Just by seeing them!
I want to tell you a heart warming story.
Jordan goes to the Publix in the heart of Vestavia, AL (right in back of Starbucks)
I'm even going to give you the address here.
784 Montgomery Hwy.
Now.  She usually has to take the three kids in to the market to shoppe.  Pretty big handful huh?
And....she does it a lot.
There is a lady that works there in the floral department named Ms. Tina.
She LOVES my grandchildren.
To say she is a giver is an understatement.
Always gives them balloons, treats, cookies and they LOVE Ms. Tina.
and....let me just tell you, if you love my grandchildren....I LOVE YOU!!! It's as simple as that.
The other day, Jordan was in Publix and Ms. Tina gave the kids wrapped presents.
Now, this is someone who has 23, yes 23 grandchildren of her own and she is giving gifts to customers  who can WELL afford giving gifts of their own.  She also gave gifts to 10 other customers.  Seriously, a gesture in my opinion that beat any gesture I have heard this season.
The kids have simply LOVED what she gave them.
Jordan Instagramed and Facebooked on Publix page about this and it has generated a huge response.  The CEO from Publix wanted to know her information for will hopefully be doing something special for her.
I put this on FB yesterday hoping to start a little monetary drive for Ms. Tina.  Not sure how it will go over but it's a start.  23 grandchildren is ALOT of kids to buy for.
I'm starting this off with this, and I SOOOOOO cannot wait to go give it to her today.
God is SO good to us.
Please join me in giving to Ms. Tina.  If not a monetary gift card, maybe just a note telling her you heard her story and what a wonderful person she must be.
Now, on to other things.
Sister and I went shopping here in Birmingham yesterday.  I got in the car and it was oh about 65, wind  blowing gently.  I was dressed in a turtleneck and jeans.  Got out of the car 15 minutes later and I swear to you it was 45 and blustering wind.  I told sister "I dont care how cold it is,,,,,DONOT let me buy another thing
hum, didn't work.
We went in to Old Navy and my shivering body was immediately drawn to this.
um 25 smackers.
I walked in to sisters house yesterday with it on and her daughter Ally said "AK!!!! Where did you get that Tiffany coat"  I'm serious, I have to save my money to get one!!!!
Not only that, but good grief at the compliments I got.
and they have a multitude of colors.
Old Navy is literally just giving stuff away at 60 - 70% off deals y'all!
You guys have a wonderful day!!!!

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