Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Part I

Okay, we are traditionalist in every part of the word.
However, we've had to make a few adjustments.
This year "W" and I came to Birmingham.  Callen and Houston are leaving today to go to Dothan for his family's Chirstmas and Amy has to work Christmas Day until 8:30.  So that means we are going to have a 3 part Christmas.
Last night was a BA-Last!!!
We let Callen and Houston open all of their gifts, and the little ones open Greg and Amy's (they willl be asleep tomorrow when we have Christmas dinner)
Then we all sat down and had yummy Corn Chowder and pumpernickel bread.
Topped it off with Strawberry cake.... (somes still left in the fridge..hum)
we also have a tradition of dressing up for Christmas like those rediculous pics you see all over the internet!!!  Last night was NO exception!
So, sit back....lots of photos!!!
rudolf noses meant for noses, not ears.....

 Jordan gave all of us the best gift EVER!!!!! Recipes in a bound book that we have all cherished!
 and there were pics in there too!

getting ready for our yearly silly Christmas pic!

Evers LOVED her cap and shoes that Ames and Greg gave her!

 I got to indulge in my favorite wine Far Niente

Gregory needed a new phone cover....especially one with a bottle opener on the back.....
 Callen looked scard to open this!!!
 then was delighted at what was inside!
 the dog lover in me....
loved this book!!!
 Roll Tide!!!
 A beautiful gift from Amy and Greg
 LOVED this!!!!
Now let me tell ya.  And I'm not telling you this because he's my 2 1/2 grandson.  But the kid can slug the ball (left handed)
on to Dirty Santa

 don't even ask how I got this.....they don't come out until Feb.  Willie and I are tight.

 I got a jar of jello with a Fandango gift card in it!!!! heheh!
 I think we all had a blast
 especially when the mustaches came out!
 Eric is trying to convience Jordan why they need to keep this.  Could be the 50.00 Starbucks gift card inside that through her over the edge.

Well that's it folks for Part I of our Christmas!!!!  Hope you have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. I tried leaving a comment yesterday from my phone, but it never seems to work that way. But anyways, I love everything about this post!! That was so much fun :) Can't wait for more Christmas fun tonight!