Monday, December 17, 2012

When I was Little......

My dream of ALL dreams was to be a ballerina.
And really (not to be so NOT humble) but I really think I could have.
My parents God love them had other plans for me. My being the third in the family, we all kind of had to do the same thing so it was easier on my parents. So, when my mom wasn't chewing me off her arm while she was sewing, I was a  gymnast, a swimmer and a tennis player.
But, I wanted nothing more than to be a ballerina.  That was it.  Nothing more.
So, when I went to see The Nutcracker a slight pang hit me.
It was also my mom's favorite thing to do at Christmas time, so while no one was watching I turned my head in the theatre and whiped tears from my face as fast as I could.
This year I was able to take Jordan and Evers to the Fox to see my very favorite show.
and yes.  Bought Evey the dress, shoes, tights, coat, and headband.
Had to.  Just had to! Niemans loved seeing me walk through that door!
Oh, and to see all the little ones dressed in their Christmas best was just delightful!!!!
Jordan and I also dressed up and um, when I looked at my picture, I realize that I resembled Za Za Gabor.
As a matter of fact.  We stopped at Starbucks and I had so many men say stuff to me that I'm pretty sure they thought I was a hooker :)
(Dress was a tiny bit short too)
Okay, back to the Nutcracker.  I'm just going to show you pics because it was so wonderful my words would not do it justice.
Different than any other Nutcracker I've attended, but still just as wonderful and festive.

 we both got kisses!!!

 just a little humor

this was when the uh, LADY in front of me said "STOP TAKING PICTURES"
Ya know, all she had to do is ask me nicely and I would have gladly stopped.  But NO, she had to hurt my feelings.  Some people just have to be a grinch at Christmas time.
Oh well.
We had a WONDERFUL time!!!!
On to day 4...."W" outdid himself!!!
What I found on my easel this morning!
and what was inside!!!

Today?  Lunch at Nordstrom with sweet Elizabeth and yes, new dress for Evers, shoes, tights, headband, the works.  Am I spoiling her too much?  Don't worry, the others get just as much!!!
Tonight? Gregory will be here and we will celebrate his birthday with a trip to the Pink Pig....and yes, the kids all have matching outfits!!!  Then dinner out!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. It truly is the most wonderful time of the the Nutcracker and so much fun getting to experience it all over again with Eve...enjoy your special treat from sweet!!