Saturday, December 29, 2012

What a Difference a Button Makes....

Maybe it's just me, but I thought my Old Navy jacket (that I bought Monday) looked a little  Snob.
I DID however only pay 25.00 for it.
It was the buttons.  They were bugging the heck outta me.  Not only that, one fell off!
So,,,,,Gail K to the rescue.  (I've blogged about this shoppe before.)  It's just simply amazing y'all!
Atlanta's sewing claim to fame.
So this is the jacket before:

It's also amazing how I 
DON'T know how to us my camera!!! Coats look two different colors due to lighting!  I will tell you that it is the classic Tiffany blue. What cha think, silver buttons or gold?
Have a wonderful night y'all

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