Friday, December 14, 2012


Every year "W" does this little 12 days of Christmas for me.
Not really sure when this started, but I do know that he was awarded "husband of the year" by all of my friends.
This year, I had [sort of] forgotten about it.......well sort of,,,it was still in the back of my head being the spoiled brat that I am.
OH, and by the way, it is 2:46 a.m. and I'm up.  what up wit dat???
Bright and cheery mind you and ready to start painting!!!
So, you know when you've been married for 32 years, you seriously pick up on every move that your spouse makes.  Atleast "W" does.  Dang, I can't get anything past him.
I opened the cabinet here at the condo and what did my wandering eyes appear?
A Neiman's box with a contents full of cheer!!!!
He gets an A +++ for this one!

I'm thinking this may go towards a massage from my favorite therapist at the St. Regis.
I actually need one really bad.  W and I were shopping the other night at Lenox and someone had left a half opened square of butter on the floor.  I stepped on it and WHAM sprawled like none other across the mall.  Nasty, nasty bruise to my knee and my back is not feeling all that great.  Just know that my lawyer friend Elizabeth says "ALWAYS file a complaint with a company when something like that happens, because you never know what repercussions may plague you down the road"  we didn't.  Duh.
I was quite embarrassed and just couldn't wait to get away from the scene.  You really should have seen me, one of my funnier moments.  I will say though.  If you drop butter or anything on the floor PLEASE pick it up.  It really can be dangerous.
Just be courteous 
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!

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