Monday, August 26, 2013

Game Day 101...for girls

Okay, football season is officially upon us!
Can I get a ROLL TIDE?

Yesterday I went to Lenox Mall to look for a new dress for this weekend.
I have never in my life seen so much hounds tooth.
Good Grief.
I mean look.  If you go to a game with me, please don't wear hounds tooth.
I like a subtle display of affection towards my team.
a 1,700.00 tat.
you know?
I live in Georgia, so what up wit the hounds tooth here?
People are BAMA crazy.

Granted, I'm glad because "W" and I are HUGE Bama fans.
we LOVE some football.
I mean I even painted a hounds tooth hat
"Missing Bear"
Limited Edition Prints available
29.00 + shipping
but, back to the start.
What do women in the South wear to a game?
You know, you have to look good.  Even if you don't like football or know what's goin on.
It is inbred in the women of the South y'all.
Going to a University of Alabama, Georgia, Clemson or Ole Miss game is seriously like going to a freakin fashion show.
(I intentionally left a few schools out of that mix)
so, back to shopping.
if you must wear hounds tooth....
 but, this is much more my style...I just can't remember where it came from....

 I need those legs....and that tan



this little number made my shopping bag at Saks.  From game day, to church day, to business casual, to luncheon, to baby shower.

for the Bama man in your life... Brooks Brothers

 Every Bama fan needs a pair of Crickets...

 Alice and Olivia



 If you're in the market for a red spacesuit.  Seriously y'all.

 and finally, you know BCBG makes great dresses.

the one.

have a great day y'all!


  1. Check out these shirts for the guys:

  2. Okay, I'm Canadian and I don't follow football but could you tell me where the hounds tooth comes into play!

  3. Hi "A"!
    Okay, the hounds tooth is from Bear Bryant's hat. The "Bear" was the beloved coach of Alabama for years. I found this article that you can read about the hounds tooth hat! Thanks for commenting!