Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picture Perfect Groupings!

I'm just going to admit it.
I'm not a huge fan of grouping pictures on the wall.

Years ago when I was designing homes I would literally cringe when my clients wanted to do groupings of pictures.  Especially school pictures.
I know, I sound like a Grinch.
but. and.
I know what your thinking!  and yes, people still do that.  Especially up a staircase or down a hall.
So, what do you do? 
You want to do a grouping of photos, but how do you do it?
Let me digress.....
In my opinion, Restoration Hardware leads the way in the design industry.
If you want a new idea, then just go there and see what they are doing.
Then follow suit!
RH has been doing groupings of pictures for a while now.
I'll admit, I love them!
So, I decided to research this idea and see what people out there are doing with their groupings.
First you need to make a plan.
this is really, really important.  Have I ever done this? NO.  But I think it's important :)

 one of the most important things to think about is your framing.

 if you keep your framing simple it's a much better look.

I like how they broke up the monotony with the mirror.

 a little over the top in my humble opinion, but, hey who am I to judge?

 keep the frames the same for a better look

I really love the way they used all horizontal pictures in this grouping!

 add shelving!

 it's kind of hard to look at anything but this fabulous wall treatment, huh? I need that wall.

 Intaglios = yum

 a really great way to show off your kids!

 Suzanne Kasler works her magic!

 when you have tons of collectibles.

more Intaglios

I love this!

This dispels everything above I have just said.  I love this look.  I can't put my finger on why though.
I think it's because the whole look tells a story.

and finally, more grouping ideas.

have a great day y'all!

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  1. I am actually in the process of working on a picture wall in our guest room. I have tried buying all the same frames but different sizes; in all white and then also in a natural barn wood...didn't like either of those options. I really like the mismatched, different sizes and even different shapes much like the picture you posted 4th from the bottom. I think the seamless same-frame/same-shape/same-size idea looks good when everything you are framing is very similar (i.e. all black and whites, or all sepia tones, or all the same element). But I am clearly struggling with the picture wall I'm working on, so this was a good post for checking out examples :)