Friday, August 9, 2013


Not only was Scott's fun, the art gallery is totally re-arranged and SO worth coming to see!!!
Love it.
So, came home to a surprise!
Sweet Greg stayed for my birthday dinner!
and, so many sweet friends wished me happy birthday,
even got a special gift from my special friend Connie!!!
She always remembers me (even though I'm SO lax)
(but Connie, I found something SO cool for you at Scotts yesterday!) Clapclap!

You know, just when you have made your bucket list and are marking things off.......something happens and you start adding to it.
"W" gave me this for my birthday.
what in the world is it?
Well, it's a camera I wanted last week in the Bahamas so I could take pics of the kids underwater.  You can also attach it to your body to video really cool things.  Hey, wait, that probably didn't come out right.  I mean like skiing and stuff.
Which brings me to an addition to my bucket list.
In about two weeks, I'm jumpin out of a perfectly good airplane.
I decided last night.
Tandem of course.
SOOOOO excited.
Anyone wanna join me?


now, I had some time to peruse through Scott's yesterday and once again, it did not disappoint!
here we go!
wait, yikes, here is my selfie.  see that red up at the temple???? That's going away next week.
um, those wrinkles may follow.
just sayin. Not too happy with the hairdresser.
On to Scotts
 loved this fabric.  Only 3 yds. but anything linen makes me happy.
 the pillow girl is back with lots.  But, she sells out really fast
 this is something new!  Driftwood crosses.  They are really beautiful!
 love.  may be getting one of these for a coffee table if they have the right size.
 Ghost chair made into a bar stool.  Or a hairdresser's chair.  not sure.
 be still my charcoal velvet lovin heart.  Especially if tufting in involved.
 one of the coolest tables I saw there.  If you had a really large kitchen, a great work space.
 this is an inlaid dining table.  awesome.
 love, love, loved the lines on this chair.
 not really big into grandfather clocks but this 18th century one caught my eye.
and it works perfectly.
 loving this table.
 interestingly enough there was quite a few funky items this time.  Makes me wonder where the design trend is heading.
 I'm always a sucker for beautiful fabrics and this one is no exception.
With that being said.  Contact me before you look.  There is one vendor that I ABSOLUTELY
WILL NOT do business with.  She invented the word nasty to customers.  And I am serious.

 another beaut!
 okay y'all.  I love this company.  And, they found all these linen drapes 108" long at a close out deal.  Tons of colors....49.99.  A steal.  You need to get them fast though because they're flyin outta there.

 and then there's my bed guy that I just love
 these were pretty cool too.
 one of the best things I saw.  Love this for a little boys room.  If it's still there today I'll pick it up for whoever wants it 125.00 (I can usually get 10% off)

 on to my very favorite restaurant.....
 the food was delicious, but the service absolutely stunk to high heaven.  The waiter literally got everything wrong.  It was so bad that the manager came over and apologized over and over again.  He also sent over the best magician (maybe to make us feel better about the service?)
It did lighten up the night because the magician was AMazing.
it WAS a yummy dessert! 

have a great day y'all!

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