Monday, August 5, 2013

Turning 80....

Tomorrow my daddy turns 80.
He looks 60...or younger.
Sister, my two brothers, and I had a little impromptu birthday party for him yesterday!
All 25 of his kids/grand kids.
He is one lucky man!
he's also a big Auburn fan.

 he has lots of girls that love him!
missing one sweet niece Sally

 we're all big fans of his.  arf arf.  (directions on the face fan below)

 do you know how hard it was for "W" to buy Auburn balloons? Roll Tide....

 more grandkids....

 Henry Jasper Callaway III

 Bennett and Grandaddy share the same birthday!
Bennett even shares the name Callaway

 the four of us with daddy.


 one of my beautiful nieces.  I know, I know, they are all beautiful!
But, more importantly, they're beautiful on the inside....

is this cute or what?

and this!

 he made the front page when he was young!

 again, stop.

 I learned something new yesterday!!!  Evidently you can roll the bottom of a chip sack up from the bottom and make a bowl!  Genius.

Happy Birthday daddy!!!

Easy Fan Face
Print out a full front of someones face.
(make sure it fits the entire sheet of paper)
Take to Kinkos and print off on very thick white paper.
Cut just the face out.
Tape or glue on a handle.

have a great day y'all!

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