Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Day in the Bahamas....

We were so sad that yesterday was our final full day here in the Bahamas.
We woke to a nice rain storm which quickly dissipated so we took a little swim.
That swim turned in to a little pool football.
By the way, is anyone else SO ready for football season???
I absolutely cannot wait!

 there was some holding involved in this game....

 very strategic
 and, we had a little cheerleader
 on to downtown. We waited for the ferry to take us over.

 the straw market...

 Now, tucked into the middle of downtown Nassau is a little known local place called this:
 The kids were all like, where in the world are we going?  A Greek restaurant in the middle of a Bohemian island.

 This family has owned this restaurant for 57 years.  And y'all.  It is really one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten!

 a wonderful family
 take a look at the food they serve

 then we did a little shopping.  Stop it.
 Where the girls wanted to shoppe....
 Where the guys wanted to shoppe...

and there ya have it!!!

Have a great day y'all!

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