Sunday, August 25, 2013

Party KArazy!

This blog is gonna be all over the place.
so.  when my kids were little, we didn't have Internet.  Yes.  I'm THAT old.
goodness, gracious, alive, what DID we do about our party planning?
I mean seriously y'all!
No Pinterest.
We had to be especially creative.
I was one of those who got obsessive/compulsive.
One year I called the Vestavia Fire Department and convinced them that they needed to bring the whole fire department and their truck to our home for my 4 yr. old son's birthday.

Another year I went all over Birmingham looking for "real" leather to make "real" chaps for that said son for a Cowboy birthday party.  They were so cute.

Another year Callen had so many parties that every time she saw one of those bouncy house thingys she thought it was for her.

Yes, I get a little crazy with stuff like that.

So, people really celebrate Labor Day?
I mean like go to all kinds of trouble to decorate and stuff?


This coming weekend we have a whole slew of folks coming here to go to the 
wait for it...
I have got some serious excitement goin on.

We have some really good friends coming on Tues - Sunday.
I have a spa day planned along with lunches, dinners and other fun stuff.
Thank you St. Regis.
(the best spa in Atlanta btw)
now, back to the main subject.

I won't be doing any of these, but I may make some of this.

#ebelskivers #mygrandmothersrecipe
and, I may shop for a new red dress...

 or blue....or both....

and we may induldge in some of this....
 omg!  let me interrupt my blog for this very important message.
"W" and I went to the coolest place ever yesterday!!!
The Beer Growler.
They have about a hundred different beers on Tap that you can taste!
Some are local but they are all ones that you have probably never heard of.
You can even mix beer.
The beer taster guy mixed a creme brulee beer and a Maker's Mark tasting beer for me yesterday.
It was SO good.  Tasted like a dessert beer.
I will be going back this week to get goodies for our guests!
okay, back to Labor Day

We have 20 for dinner on Friday night after the Samford Bulldog game.
Well, not at our house, but at a restaurant.

And, this week I moved in to the new art gallery!!!
Actually sweet "W" moved me in yesterday.
Yeah!  no more painting in my house.  I will actually get up and go somewhere to paint.
I am really excited about this.  I will also be showing my work there with some really, really talented, fine artists.
The gallery is going to be named Ferrari Fine Art and will open in a couple of weeks.
More about that later.

But, back to Labor Day.
What will you guys be doing?

have a great, beautiful day y'all!

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