Sunday, August 11, 2013

Light Fixtures...and my new best friend....

Well, I don't know if "I'm" HIS new best friend.
I'm of course kidding, but he was truly one of the nicest people ever!
and btw.  he is a lot cuter in person.  And SO likable.
I asked him to come on back to the art gallery, and followed that up with there aren't really "picker" prices.  He said "that's okay, I've already bought a bunch of stuff here!"
He was followed around by a camera crew,,,,and wait for it.... (I think I may have been filmed) shut up.
Now, I was in the market for a new coffee table.
Went outside to who I call "the lighting guy".  Y'all, his stuff is just beautiful.
This is the one I chose.
perty huh?  Well, I think so.  I am however a little bothered by how light the limestone is.  Has anyone out there ever darkened a limestone?  Or am I just downright crazy.  It weighs 150 lbs.
I know, because I tried to get it out of my car yesterday. yep. (couldn't do it)
Anyway, I decided to snap a few more goodies that this guys sells.
Note. He leaves at 4:30 on Saturday and is not there on Sunday.
You can find him at the front of the South building. Outside that is.

 oh stop it right now.  LOVE this fixture.  LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it.  I'm also thinking I may need it.

another LOVE it item.

Well, that's it for today!!!
have a great day y'all!!!
Wish me luck, we've had TONS of folks but not a stellar month.
But today's another day right?!


  1. Love that coffee table! I wish I could find something similar in Canada:(

  2. Pretty table!
    How exciting to meet Mike! You'll have to stop in his shop the next time you're in Nashville- i'ts pretty cool!