Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get Ready!!!! Scott Antique Market is THIS WEEK!!!!

now, a few of our wonderful artists were inadvertantly left off of this beautiful postcard.
Totally by accident, so, I'm going to show you some of their work.

Meet Brent Baker and Bart Tanner
awsome work.  And they love to get a little silly!

Delightfully abstract. Hilariously silly and likeable.  Very, very well known, and they sell the heck outta their work.

and then there's Jim Afroukhteh
a native of Iran.
Soothing, beautiful landscape in a grand style.
highly collectible in my opinion.

peaceful, serene.  Just lovely.
Jim and I will be moving to a booth at the front of the gallery this week, which we will share!

and then there's a new artist to the Artist Gallery
Carolyn Ferrari

lovely, lovely work.

and then there's lil ole me.

playful, fun, add to that a little meaning behind every piece.

Come see us this week at the New Scott Art Gallery!
Atlanta, Georgia
please contact me for directions
Many, many new artists to see!
you really won't want to miss it!!!

Scott Art Gallery
South Building
L-10 (back in the right corner behind the food court)
we have the entire section packed with art!!!
You will not be sorry - trust me!!!!

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