Friday, August 23, 2013

Delicious Blackend Grouper!

Let me just tell ya.
If you like fish, particularly Grouper, you must try this!
First, get some really fresh fish.
I get mine at Whole Foods.
Take your pocketbook, because Whole Foods was created to deplete you of your wallet.
but, it makes grocery shopping so much fun!
First I had to work on my kitchen a bit.
A few little extra details.
 I always love a little greenery in every room.  Live of course.
and, I changed the cabinet handles.  Now, all I have left is that molding! and how do I like it?
I love it.  The ease of having open cabinets is wonderful!
back to the fish.
 you will need these ingredients.
Grouper (or your favorite fish)
Green onions
fresh garlic
a couple of lemons
white wine
Greek seasoning
blackened seasoning

 this is the best Greek seasoning I've ever found.
 coat the fish with the Greek seasoning.  Then coat the fish with the blackened seasoning.

 chop the green onions and the garlic
 using a good grade of olive oil coat your pan with it and heat.

always remember to have the handles to your pans faced to the sides.  This is really easy to forget.
We don't want those little ones to grab that handle huh?
 saute the garlic and the onions

 now sear the fish.  About 2 min. on each side.
 if you want to add sun dried tomatoes, put them in a separate pan. 
when your fish looks like this,,,,
squeeze 2 lemons and add your wine.  It doesn't have to be expensive wine, just a plain ole white wine.
 let that simmer for about 8 min. or until your fish is done.
and there ya have it!
now, if you want sun dried tomatoes, add some of the juices to the sun dried tomato mixture and let it get hot.
"W" doesn't like tomatoes, so I have to do two separate dishes.
Note* you can substitute chicken or shrimp for this dish!!!

have a yummy day y'all!

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