Saturday, August 24, 2013

Easy Trim Detail...

Okay, there was something about my kitchen that was bothering me really, really bad.
Besides not having crown molding (which "W" never knew we didn't have...) (and it's going to be put up this week) and that massive black microwave.
so.  I'm both a carpenter "wannabe" and a carpenter's worst nightmare.
Y'all, every house we have ever built the carpenters had to chew me off their arm.
I'm serious about that.
I love anything having to do with building, measuring, or putting something together.
so, yesterday morning this little area had gotten on my last nerve.
See that blank white area over that microwave?  Really?
so, off to Home Depot for the 5th time this week.
to get this:
 stuff I needed.  I mean, really, how hard could this be? btw that's a miter board.
 a close up.
First I measured 2" in from all sides and marked.
 then I took my measuring tape and marked the trim.  I measured the exact end to end measurement on all four sides (outside measurements)
 cutting at 45 degree angles I cut one angle one way and one the other way

 I did the same thing for the sides
 I then laid it out flat to make sure it was correct.  It was!  So I sanded the corners
 I found this to help with the process.  Now, if you use this just know that it is very hard to push up from the bottom.  Kind of like a push up pop that won't push....frustrating but it worked!

 following your marks place the molding on the wood.  Then take blue tape and secure it.

 because of the delicate nature of this molding, I chose to drill holes in it all the way around

 then I hammered brads every oh 4" around

 then I took wood putty and puttied the corners and where the nail heads were.
 I sanded and painted a primer.
 much better but stay tuned!  Molding's going up next week and I may end up painting....or adding more trim....or gutting the whole kitchen....
by the way, this was seriously simple.  Just make sure you have all the right tools!
oh, and if you use a trim detail such as this one, you need a mop brush to paint and get in all the groves.

have a great day y'all!


  1. Trim looks great. Owning a home is a never ending project isn't it.

    Have you considered painting the inside backs of the cabinets the same color as the walls? It might make the cabinets look more like floating shelves than white cabinets without doors. Just an observation.

  2. Very nice!!

    Have you ever seen these? I haven't in person, but they look like a easy way to add details as well!

  3. Hey Jen! I am contemplating that. Trying to decide if I want to put that much lipstick on this pig :) I'm also thinking about adding molding to the outside edges of the cabinets to make them look more substantial. I knew I was going to do this if I got started! (instead of just gutting the whole kitchen.) Now I also want white marble countertops! hehe. There goes the ole checkbook!!!

    Kelley, I had never seen those!!!! Great stuff! I may have to order some of it! Thanks guys!!!

  4. @ Kelley, thanks for the link to that great site for overlays!