Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ferrari Fine Art....Gallery and Atelier

So many exciting things are in the works!!!


A couple of months ago the new Scott Art Gallery moved a gal over from the North building to the South building.  To the new art gallery.
Her name is Carolyn Ferrari and we quickly made friends.
A beautiful, fun, smart gal, she told me of her dream to open an art gallery in Atlanta and to have art studios within that gallery.
Well.  I was immediately on board.
I had been looking for a studio for a while and nothing fit.  I couldn't wait to take my art studio out of the condo so I could separate myself from it.
Now.  To know Carolyn is to also know that everything she does is done with immeasurable taste.
Her artwork is soft and subtle.  And beautiful.
She knows what looks good.
She knows what she likes.
This art gallery will be special.

I am helping her with the selection process of the gallery and we have So many wonderful artists on the "short list"!
The gallery is right next to ADAC in Atlanta and is flocked with well known designers around Atlanta.
It is the perfect location.
We will also be offering workshops!

The gallery will open in a couple of weeks.
we have a lot of great ideas for the Grand Opening!
So, this weekend "W" helped me move in to my new space.
I am so pumped y'all!
Ferrari Fine Art
Gallery and Atelier

where we will teach!

have a great day y'all!


  1. Congrats Kendall! What an amazing space. May all your paintings just fly off your brush there! Fun!!

  2. Beautiful space!

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations on your new studio. enjoy!

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